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Puree – the daily grind

20 Dec

Now I know I shouldn’t complain. So far things have been relatively plain sailing. The pain of the op was over quickly, I’ve not had any reflux and my GP (primary care doc) has been very supportive, prescribing good vitamins and authorising time off work. I just got a little down yesterday (only a little) faced with another day of yummy purees and protein shakes while my work colleagues were out at the Christmas knees up – 3 course of Italian followed by copious amounts of alcohol. Now I know that’s exactly why I had surgery, so I couldn’t do 3 courses of Italian, but I still managed to feel a little sorry for myself.

I’m on my 6th day of mush and I’m finding it quite challenging. Towards the end of the liquid phase those shakes were sliding down good style and I thought something thicker would be no problem at all. Nope – some mashed root vegetables with a little cheese can sit in my chest like a stone. It’s hard to believe (although my WLS friends all tell me so) that in a few months I’ll be able to eat anything and look back fondly on the days when I struggled to get food in. Christmas day will be day 11 of mush and I’m going to attempt some mushed veg, potato and a tiny bit of cashew nut loaf (we do a veggie Christmas dinner). Maybe a couple of hours later I’ll have a little of the all natural no added sugar Christmas pudding (yes we are a family of cranks) and hope I don’t throw up or dump in front of 15 family members.