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Back Home and Out of the Closet

2 Dec

So after all that agonising talking to my mum went pretty well. And she admitted she would have been anxious if she’d know what was really going on. Shame the reaction from Darling daughter was so negative – as if my surgery was a personal affront to her, but 24 hours later she’s come around. Teenagers just can’t help being the centre of the universe I guess.

Visited my GP today and he was really interested and curious, not having encountered VSG before. We were having such a good chat I left without asking for the paper to send to my employer to get time off, and had to phone back later.

I have four incisions – 2 are only single stitch, one with 2 stitches and the exit one has 3 stitches.Alison Forde's photo.┬áThis is the biggest incision.

I’m feeling pretty good, full really quickly, even on liquid but tire easily. Still feel a little spaced out for some reason – just a bit dippy, though I’ve not had any heavy meds for days. Hope my head clears soon.